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After completing my first full marathon in May 2016.

I’m Mark Dykeman and Keep Taking Another Step is my newest blog.

I’m a business analyst by day and like you I do other stuff at other times.   I’ve blogged before and I guess I’m blogging again.  I used to blog at Broadcasting Brain and Thoughtwrestling, now both offline.  The Mighty Introvert is still out there, but hasn’t been updated in years.  So why am I back at this?

I’m still trying to figure that out.  I do know that I want to write regularly again.  I’ve been doing and learning some things during the past ten years and I haven’t written much about them.  So, why not?

A few things to note:

I’ve lost over 40 lbs since January 2014 and September 2014 through a combination of the Weight Watchers program and increased exercise.  So I’ll be talking about Weight Watchers and my own personal journey to a healthier weight.

In May 2014 I started running again after 26 yrs. off.  I’ve run two races in 2014 and I’m planning a third.  So this is a place where I will be talking about running.  My long term goal is to run the Boston Marathon someday, so I have a long way to go!

Some important steps to date:  in 2015 I successfully completed my first two half-marathon races.  In May 2016, I successfully completed my first full marathon!

My interests include reading, writing, running, stories, public speaking. I have been a member of Toastmasters International since January 2005 and I have achieved the Distinguished Toastmaster award.  So this is something else I will write about.

And I might write about other things.  So there, you’ve been warned.  🙂

And so to the title:   keep taking another step.  In order to get better at something, we often have to work long and hard to improve our skills.  And, to be honest, sometimes this really sucks.  It drains your energy, your time and your emotions.  But you know what?  Sometimes, when you feel like quitting, like you can’t keep going, sometimes all you need to do is keep taking another step.  You’ll often surprise yourself by learning that you CAN keep going, even when it seems too hard.

So this thought is dedicated to you, dear reader, and to me:  keep taking another step.  Keep on going.  Keep trying.  To paraphrase Winston Churchill, the only way out of a situation is through it.  Keep going.  Take another step.

You can get in touch with me at markdykeman  at  gmail  dot  com.


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