Habits, routines and daily practices – what’s yours?

While I’m continuing to run regularly with the goal of running a couple of races this summer, one interesting career development has the potential to change things for me.  I’ve recently transferred into a project management office within my company and will be managing multiple projects on an ongoing basis.  I’m happy with this move and excited about the possibilities but it is making me take stock of my daily and weekly activities because I’m going to have to get better at managing priorities, managing my time, etc.  There’s always room for improvement but I need to get more serious about this.

I’ve made significant improvements in my fitness, wellness and life in general during the past 2.5 years.  In the past I’ve fallen into bad habits when workload and stress have overwhelmed me.  I’ve been through that cycle a few times and I really need to avoid that this time around, so I’m looking at building routines and a lifestyle that will help me manage everything as best I can.

I’ve been spending a lot of time looking into habit building, routines, and good mental health practices during the past year.  I’m fascinated by books and articles about resilience and what things people do to maintain mental and emotional strength.

There are a few things that are part of my daily activities to help keep myself focused and reasonably healthy.  Some of these include:

  • Improved eating habits, including more fruits and vegetables (still a long way to go with this!)
  • Exercise several times per week, usually running.
  • Reading inspirational or helpful books and articles (podcasts also fall into this category)
  • Journaling
  • Better organization of non-work activities using a bullet journal
  • Goal setting and goal tracking

I’ve been learning more about Stoic practices and exercises as another means to become more resilient.  There’s a lot of material out there.

I am not as consistent as I could be with putting order into my life.  This is a good time (I suppose any time is a good time) to get better.

A key theme throughout all of this research is the importance of routines, rituals, systems and practices.  They are important parts of preparing for each day, for improving focus, for creating effective mindsets and for reflecting at day’s end while preparing for the next day.  Creating certainty and focus by minimizing decision making, spending energy wisely, and improving skills seems to be an important part of success.

I’d like to know what other people are doing to help improve their lives through this kind of preparation and work.  Yes, this includes YOU.  I’d love to know how you organize yourself to hit the ground running each day.  What are your trusted techniques and ways of starting strong?  Or, what challenges are you facing in these areas?  Please share in the Comments section, drop me an E-Mail (markdykeman@gmail.com) or send me a reply on Twitter (@markdykeman).  Maybe we can help each other!



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