Almost end of June update – the worst laid plans


It’s probably not a good idea to take on a goal without a solid plan.

Better Belly Month has been kind of a bust, things have kind of gone the opposite direction, so to speak.  😛  I’ll be bigger at the end of June than I was at the beginning.  Not grossly or hugely so but I’ve definitely gained weight and size.

At the same time…  I’m not overly worried or concerned.  I know part of the reason why I’ve gained weight is that I’m on vacation and I’m… taking a bit of a vacation from healthier eating.  I missed a LSD run this weekend.  And so on.  Excuse, excuse, excuse.

I also didn’t come up with a plan to eat better and maintain physical activity.  A bit part of that lack of planning is that I’ve finished a busy and kind of stressful yet productive winter and spring and I felt like I needed a break, especially since the back end of 2016 looks to be another busy slog.

So, I’m just… chilling.  Relaxing.  Enjoying some of the smaller, more slothlike things.  Noticing things.  Reassessing some things.  Tackling a few long overdue tasks.

I’m disappointed that my resolve didn’t last, but not too disappointed.  It’s been an educational experience one way or another.  If nothing else, it reinforced the need to take the necessary steps to support a goal.  I can accept this.

At least I’m still running!



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