No speedsters here – attempting a speed workout

Still training for my half-marathon in August.  I committed to adding both speedwork and hills in my training program, since Saint John has plenty of hills and speedwork to give myself a kick in the butt.  So I tried a speed workout this evening.

I planned to do 4 x 500m at race pace or maybe a little faster (I aspire to a 9 min/mile race pace for the half-marathon).  So I tried to mix some Chi Running form into my speedwork… and came perilously close to an 8 min 20 sec pace per mile… which is WAY too fast for me at this point, so I tired out too quickly and wound up cutting down my speed work to 2 x 500m plus 1 lap of 25om…. meh.

That’s the big struggle that I’m having with Chi Running at this point:  when I’m doing the form properly I tend to go faster than I normally run and then I tire out too quickly.  I know it’s just a matter of time and training but it’s a bit discouraging.  I’ll just have to work on the form during shorter distances and then gradually work on increasing my mileage.

Ran about a mile to get there, walked/ran at least 1.5 miles during rest periods and going home.  Not terribly inspiring.  Still a bit warm out tonight but a decently cool breeze certainly helps out.

So… not terribly satisfied with tonight’s run but what the heck, it’s done now.  My training program is already significantly better than last year’s half-marathon training plan, so I still have hopes for a good improvement over last year’s time.


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2 Responses to No speedsters here – attempting a speed workout

  1. Hey Mark, keep trying, it will get better. The speed and hill training will make a difference in your overall pace if you keep at it. Maybe try a little shorter distance for speed bursts? I usually stick to 100 or 200 sprints at about a minute faster than race pace. I found doing 1/2 km at a faster pace was too much.


    • markdykeman says:

      Thanks Rod. I probably should do shorter reps but I have it in my head that I should be doing 500m when training for a half marathon… I should check that out again, thanks for the prompting.


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