Chi running practice – a start

I’m trying to incorporate Chi Running into my running and it’s a challenge.  Even though I took a 4 hour workshop I feel that I have a lot to learn.

I’ve run twice since the workshop.  The first run was awful and I don’t know if I was overtired or trying to run too fast but I found myself out of breath several times during the run.  Well, to be honest, I did pig out at supper, so that would have an impact…  Other mitigating factors include the rain and wearing a light rain jacket.  I don’t know.  I focused a lot on my posture, pulling in my gut and putting a bit of a lean into my running stance.  Maybe too much at once?

The second run was still a challenge but not as bad.  The weather conditions were much better (i.e.  no rain and fairly cool) but I consciously pushed myself because I decided to do six hill repeats as part of my half-marathon training for hilly Saint John.  I wound up focusing less on my posture (hill running naturally makes some of that happen anyway) and I was tired out by that, no big surprise.

I find that I’m not feeling relaxed on my runs of late.  Maybe I miss the slower pace of LSD runs during marathon training.  Maybe I’m incorporating hills more than before.  Maybe group runs are encouraging me to pick up the pace, I’m not sure – most of my marathon training was done solo.

It does seem like the Chi Running posture is lending itself towards faster running, especially as I attempt to maintain the cadence of 180 foot strikes per minute (this is a pure guess on my part, I need to start using a metronome).  I’m guessing that I generally used a significantly lower cadence in my running in the past and compensated with a longer stride, which isn’t supposed to be a good thing.

I’m still committed to incorporate Chi Running into my regular running routine.  I am hoping that better form will reduce any stress on my left hamstring and lead to other good benefits.  I have been feeling the need to take my running to the next level, especially if I ever seriously want to qualify for the Boston Marathon, so this a logical next step.  I’ll keep taking that next step!

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