Chi Running workshop

I participated in a Chi Running workshop this weekend.  A couple of instructors from Quebec gave the workshop to about 10 students here at our local library (we have a cool library and I’m not just saying that because I’m on its Board).

There’s still a lot I don’t know about Chi Running, but simply put it’s a style of running that is infused with Tai Chi concepts.  One phrase that’s used to describe it is “effortless running”, which means that the focus is on efficient, if not minimal, use of energy for running while incorporating good posture and using both upper and lower body effectively while running.  Some things reminded me of Kung Fu as well, which is natural because there are known similarities between Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

I joking refer to one of the key concepts of Chi Running as “controlled falling”, or as they call it, the lean.  The idea is that between proper posture and balance, the pull of gravity, and the opposing force of your running surface, you can run with minimal expenditure of energy and minimal wear and tear on your muscles.  This sounds good to me as I do have a recurring left hamstring problem.

Getting everything right isn’t easy for me, not at first.  But I’ll keep working at it as I’m interested in how it could improve my long distance running.  Check again in three months!


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