Setting sail for the (half) Marathon By The Sea

My next big race is going to be a half marathon in August.  I ran my first half-marathon race at Marathon By The Sea in Saint John, NB last year and it was tough.  And I want to do it again!


Used without permission but, guys, it’s free advertising!

I’ve learned a lot during the past year of running and I want to see if I can improve my performance.

I’ve shied away from both hill and speed training during the past but now it’s time to dig in and work on both.  Hill training is especially important in Saint John where there’s at least three significantly hilly areas to run through.  And speed… I need to keep pushing myself if I ever want to have any hope of qualifying for the Boston Marathon, so this is a logical next step.

The race is about 10 weeks away and I’m starting late into the training program but I still have a decent base left over from my marathon training so I should be good to go.

So I’m setting sail for the (half) Marathon By The Sea; time for another adventure!



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2 Responses to Setting sail for the (half) Marathon By The Sea

  1. Elizabeth C. says:

    The training is definitely hard, but you will be more prepared on race day! Have a great race!


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