Better Belly Month

Better Belly Month is a bit of a dumb name but it’s the best I can come up with.  I want to reduce my waistline but in a healthy way.  I’m planning a couple of half-marathon races during the next 4 months and I’m going to add a couple of changes into my lifestyle, all in the hopes of shrinking my gut a bit:

  • Work core and abdominal exercises into my training program.
  • Eat better:  not give up sweets completely (and I freely admit that my eating habits haven’t been great during the past couple of months) but use moderation and focus on adding more healthy foods back into my diet.

In terms of my running schedule, I’m going to incorporate hills and speed training into my running.  I haven’t done a lot of this because I’ve been trying to focus on distance running.  However, since I won’t be doing the REALLY long training runs for the next few months (probably no longer than 15 – 16 miles at the peak of the training program), I’m more comfortable with pushing myself with speed and with hill training.

Let the challenge begin!



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