Marathon Training 2016 – Week 5 – Round and Round

Another successful week on all physical activity fronts.  I completed week four of the 100 push ups challenge and I did a bunch of crunches on most days when I ran.  I ran 24 miles this, half of those on my LSD run on Saturday (yesterday).

I ran (mostly) 12 miles at the local Civic Centre’s walking/running track.  Nine laps make a full mile (see this post, when I thought about this much too hard), so I had to do 108 laps.  I wound up doing something like 114 laps, but I wound up walking about 10 of them.  I had a rhythm whereby I would run 9 laps and then walk the 10th in the opposite direction.  I did this to minimize some of the wear and tear of running continuously in the same direction as the track’s corners are a bit sharp for running.  The running went well.

Some physical problems are emerging as training continues.  My left hamstring continues to be stiff and tender and I am trying to make a habit of good stretching after my runs and rolling that muscle, plus the sides of my quads/my hips as well.  My lower back is getting stiff and sore, especially after a long run, so I need to find some kind of exercise or treatment to alleviate that problem.  I’ve noticed it especially during the past three days.  Finally, I’ve a corn forming (again) on the sole of my right foot which I think is directly related to running on that track.  None of these problems is huge but they are definitely noticeable.

Oh wait, cross-training… well, today I did some snow shoveling and used my snow blower for about 20 minutes, so I’m calling that cross-training.

In other related news, I made a couple of running journals for a special project.  They are not terribly fancy, but they will do.  They are somewhat similar to  the journal that I saw in one of Jeff Galloway’s books.  At some point (soon), I write more about my notebook making obsession.  These photos will give you some idea of what they look like.


Until next time, dear reader, remember to keep taking another step!

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