Marathon Training 2016 – Week 4 – Inferior Zippers

Another successful week of marathon training.  This week’s goal was 23 miles and I’m happy to say I achieved it with no major obstacles:

  • Tuesday: 3 miles
  • Wednesday:  3 miles
  • Thursday:  6 miles at pace
  • Saturday:  11 miles

As usual, the mid-week runs were run on the local indoor walking/running track, which is getting a lot of use these days, good to see.  Saturday’s LSD (Long Slow Distance) session was run outdoors, temperature about -5C, the tiniest skiff of snow on the ground and not a lot of breeze.  I wear a light jacket over my short sleeved technical shirt and my long sleeved shirt and, once again, the zipper on the jacket jammed up.  No harm done, but it’s getting really annoying, since this was the 3rd week in a row.  Sadly, it might be happening because it’s just a bit too small and the water bottles on my fuel belt interfere as well.  Might have to switch jackets.  At least it wasn’t very expensive.

I redid week 3 of the 100 Push Up challenge and I was successful in hitting the daily goals on Monday, Wednesday and Friday although, to be honest, I’m doing the push ups a little bit faster than before and I’m not lowering myself as close to the floor as before.  I figure I want to get through the program at least once and then I’ll go back and redo the program, concentrating more on form.  So, on to week 4 on Monday!

I did 40 minutes of snow shoeing for cross-training today, fairly warm out (around 0C) and the snow accumulation is fairly shallow, so it was a fair easy workout.  I’ve also been doing crunches three times/week and I finished off the snow shoe workout with 60 crunches.  I’m doing some kind of physical activity seven days a week, which is good.  I’ve lost 3 – 4 pounds in January, which is fine by me.

The other thing of note is that I wrote a little post about #BellLetsTalk day, which was last Wednesday, where I described some of my own mental health history.  It’s not something I talk about very much, but Bell did open the door, so….

It’s been a successful month of marathon training and I’m satisfied with how I’ve gotten back into the regular running groove.  Thank goodness January ends today!

And that’s a wrap, more on marathon training next weekend.



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