Marathon Training 2016 – Week 2

Just a short update:  this week I hit my goal mileage of 20 miles.  I deviated a bit from the Higdon marathon training plan as it worked better for me from a schedule perspective to do the longer mid-week run on Thursday instead of Wednesday.  So, three sessions on the Ayr Motor Centre track:  2 for 3 miles and one session of 5 miles.

Today’s long run was a 9 mile outdoor run.  Temperature was around -7 C but I was comfy, even sweating in my layers a bit, and there was very little wind.  The new windbreaker jacket has an annoying habit, though:  the front zipper gets stuck very easily and I couldn’t zip it up completely this morning.  I just threw on a neck warmer and I was comfortable.

Today’s long run pace was 11 min 24 sec per mile, a bit slower than I hoped but still acceptable.  There was enough snow and slush on the sidewalks to slow me down a bit.

I also (barely) completed this week’s schedule of 100 Pushups.  I’m concerned how I’m going to transition into week 3, which seems to be even more challenging to me.  Well, push to failure as they say.

And now it’s nap time.

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