Marathon Training Week 9 – Halfway (In Time)

Just finished week 9 of my marathon training program.  Halfway in terms of weeks, to be more specific.  In terms of distance, I think I’ve completed less than 40% of the total miles to run.

Here was my plan for week 9:

  • Tuesday:  3 miles
  • Wednesday:  7 miles
  • Thursday:  4 miles
  • Saturday:  10 miles

And here’s what really happened:

  • Tuesday:  3 miles
  • Wednesday:  6.5 miles
  • Thursday:  4 miles
  • Saturday:  10* miles

The Tuesday and Thursday runs were pretty normal, run at a pace somewhere between 10 min 30 sec per mile and 11 min 30 sec per mile.

I had to cut the Wednesday run a bit short because I ran out of time (ran before work, so I absolutely have to stop by a certain time).  I ran intervals, at least of a sort:  four mile segments at paces between 9:08 – 9:38 minutes  per mile, slowing down to about 12 min/miles for 400 – 600 years between each segment, plus some warmup and cool down at the end.

As for Saturday’s run, my stats are less exact because I managed to shut off my Garmin Forerunner watch as I was getting started and I couldn’t get it turned back on, so I just ran at a comfortable pace.  I knew my route well enough to know that it was at least 10 miles and I finished it in just under two hours, so my pace was in the neighborhood of 12 min/mile, which is good enough for my LSD (Long Slow Distance) run.  I was breathing normally, so that’s fine as well.

This Saturday run was a bit weird because I was up between 1:45 AM and 4 AM for a work-related task, then went back to bed until about 8 AM.  So I probably got a little less sleep than normal (I slept between 11 PM and 1:45 AM, so I got a bit less than 6 hours of shut eye).  So it goes.

Still dealing with some fatigue and soreness, especially behind and to the side of my left knee.  I’ve experienced this soreness before, especially during my first 2 – 3 months of running, so I really need to focus on stretching, nutrition, hydration (I’m seeing signs that I’m not getting enough fluids, no need to elaborate) and rest.  I also think I need to retire my older pair of running shoes but I would really like the weather to warm up more so I can switch almost all of my running to be outdoors in the newer pair of running shoes.  Hopefully within a couple of weeks, that would be great.

I haven’t had to wear my balaclava during my last two LSD runs, so yay.  And temperatures are going to be close to the freezing point during the next two weekends, which could be really good as long as the roads don’t get too slushy or wet, so I may be able to retire that hat/cap/mask thing for the rest of the year.

Next weekend’s LSD run is 15 miles, which is about 2 miles longer than my previous long run.  The following weekend will include a 16 miler.  It’s all starting to get real in lots of ways now.  Some doubt is creeping in – obviously the runs are getting harder to complete as they get longer.  I just need to force myself to put in the time for the LSD runs and to do them at the slower pace that they need to be done at, despite the time commitment.

If you’re a runner, where are you in your training plan?  Do you have a plan or goals for your running?   And how do you deal with the challenges in your running?  I’d like to know!

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