Marathon Training Week 8 – 13.1 Mile Run #1

Getting near the halfway point in the marathon training program!

Here was my plan for week 8:

  • Tuesday:  3 miles
  • Wednesday:  6 miles
  • Thursday:  3 miles
  • Sunday:  13.1 miles (aka half-marathon)

So here’s what really happened:

  • Tuesday:  3 miles
  • Thursday:  5.75 miles
  • Friday:  2.25 miles
  • Sunday:  13.1 miles (aka half-marathon)


My three mid-week runs were done at paces between 10.5 – 11.5 minutes per mile.  I couldn’t run Wednesday because of a scheduling problem, so I shifted my next two runs by a day each.

You’ll notice I ran less miles than planned on Thursday and Friday, there were a few different reasons for this:

  • I ran out of time on Thursday so I had to cut the run short.
  • I was supposed to have two rest days before my Sunday long run so I thought I would cut things back a bit.  My training program suggested a half-marathon race for that day but I just planned on running that distance on my own.
  • Feeling a little tired and sore again, guess I need to get used to this.   🙂

So today I did the 13.1 mile run.  I changed my route so that I only went up the Connell Park road once instead of three times.  I used an online route planner to build a single route instead of multiple loops around town.  I figured I’d wind up near my starting point and only have 0.5 miles left to complete the run.  No problem.  I was feeling pretty good when I got back to the starting point, which was much better than last week.


I don’t know what the problem was but by the time I got to my starting point I had 2 WHOLE MILES left to do.  What can you do?  I improvised a route for the last two miles and even managed a bit of a sprint for the last few yards.  And I finished it!  Sweaty, sore, tired and out of breath, but I got it done!

My time was 2 hrs. 18 minutes, which was an average pace of 10 min 32 sec per mile or something like that.  To be honest, this was slower than my planned marathon pace so I need to take this into consideration.

But, despite the tiredness and soreness, I feel pretty good about achieving this milestone.  In a way I am halfway to my goal.

Here’s hoping the next 10 weeks go well, too!


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