Marathon Training Week 6 – Recap

This recap is a bit late (Week 7 has started!), but here it is.

After fretting about the heart monitor readings, I came to accept that it is what it is and I’m not changing my overall time goal.  My main running mentor seemed to think it’s acceptable and he’s run several marathons so…  keeping my goal.  I still want to complete my first marathon in 4 hours, 30 minutes (or less) and I think it is achievable if I stay on track.

During week 6 I did something that I haven’t done before:  I ran four days in a row, as per the following mileages:

  • Tuesday:  3 miles
  • Wednesday:  5 miles (early morning run, not much choice)
  • Thursday:  3 miles
  • Friday:  7 miles (luckily it was a day off of work for me so I could run in the afternoon)

The first three days were on treadmill as per normal.  I started using the new running shoes and so far they are fine, delivering the same experience that I am used to.

The longer run on Friday was done outside with my older pair of Exalt 2 running shoes.  The route was cold, windy and hilly (again) but not quite as bad as the last time on that road.  My feet were getting sore more than anything else, mainly both on the balls and heels, but not too bad.  Don’t know if it’s the shoes or just the wear and tear of four days in a row.

Glasses fogged up as per usual.  Fortunately I ran into the wind for the first half of the run so I had the wind to my back for the second half of the run.

By doing the long run on Friday I managed to avoid the horrible weather on Sunday (plus I was out of town on Saturday and wouldn’t have had time to run).

That’s week 6.  The (slightly) earlier sunrises and (slightly) later sunsets are lifting my spirits a bit, providing some hope that this darned winter will eventually end.  And Daylight Savings Time will arrive in a couple of weeks, which opens up the possibility of evening running once again.  So, w00t!

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