Marathon Training – Week 5 Update

Hard to believe that I’ve finished five weeks of the marathon training plan!  Here’s the results.

Mileage plans vs. actual for the week

Although it wasn’t the original plan, here’s what I ran this week:

  • Wednesday – 3 miles
  • Thursday – 4.5 miles (should have been 5 miles but I ran out of time that day)
  • Friday – 3.5 miles (should have been 3 miles but I added on 0.5 miles for the previous day’s shortfall)
  • Sunday – 10 miles

I ran 21 miles this week and I met the total goal, even though some of the daily totals shifted a bit.

Mid week runs roundup

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were on the treadmill, as usual during.  Wednesday’s run started at 5:30 AM (not my preference but until the days get longer and warmer, I will probably have some runs that start at that time, especially in the March/April timeframe).

I’ve been trying to monitor my heart rate a bit on the runs, which is a bit tricky without a heart rate monitor.  From what I can tell, my heart rate has been a bit too high during the weekly runs, which are supposed to be at an easier pace than I have been running them at.  I’ve been running them faster due to a combination of boredom and trying to accomplish them in a shorter timeframe, as I normally do these runs at lunch time at work.  So now I’m adjusting these midweek runs so that at least two of them will be done around 11 min/mile.  The Wednesday (or Thursday) longer run…  I’m reserving the right to run those faster.

Long run roundup

I was feeling a lot more tired than usual on Friday and Saturday of this week and wound up going to bed earlier than normal.  I actually got about 8 hours of sleep on Saturday night – I rarely sleep more than 7  hours per night.  Seemed to do the trick for me, so I’m probably going to have to be more conscientious about getting enough sleep.

Today’s (Sunday’s) run was OK.  It was -18 C in the morning, sunny and much less wind than last weekend.  I did two 5 mile loops, with a bio break between loops (shrug, what can I say, other than this rarely happens to me on long runs).  Felt pretty good except for the last mile, which was largely uphill.

I practiced my hydration while running and of course had to contend with some ice in the water bottle, but it happens, I guess.  For carb refueling, I tried some Clif Shot Blocks Energy Chews (citrus flavour) that I bought over the weekend – I ate one at the 5 mile mark and another at the 8 mile mark (I think).  No idea if they helped me or not but they didn’t bother my stomach, either.

I wore four layers on the top half of my body, one of them a bit thinner than last weekend.  Seemed to be hotter and sweatier this weekend than last.

Speedwise, this run was a bit faster than last weekend, average pace about 12 – 12 min 30 sec per mile.


 Misc stuff

I also bought a new pair of ASICS Gel Exalt II shoes and I’m going to start breaking them in on the treadmill this week.  For the record, I tried on ASICS GT-1000 and GT-2000 models, but I didn’t care for them at all, they felt a bit too tight midfoot.  I did try on a pair of ASICS Kayano 19 running shoes, which felt heavenly but they were outside of my budget.  Maybe sometime in the future.


Next week goals

Next week’s goal is 18 miles:  a bit of a reduction on the long run.  Hopefully it will be a little warmer.

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4 Responses to Marathon Training – Week 5 Update

  1. randy Johnston says:

    Great job Mark. Takes a big commitment to stick to your training, keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Glen says:

    Good work, Mark. Sounds like you got it all under control. Get ‘er done!!


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