Marathon Training – Week 3 – Mid-Week Update

My marathon training weeks are kind of divided into two parts, so I’m going to record updates 2x/week from now on.

[Note:  for some background on what this is all about, please check out my initial marathon post]

Week 3 of marathon training started on Jan. 20 (Monday).  My goal was to run the following distances on the treadmill:

  • 3 miles on Tuesday
  • 4 miles on Wednesday
  • 3 miles on Thursday

Goal achieved!   Here are some notes about each day:


  • Ran early, before work.
  • Treadmill elevation at 1.5.
  • Mile 1 – Gradual warmup to about 10 min/mile.
  • Mile 2 – 9 min/mile for first 1/4 mile, 8 min 30 sec/mile for next 1/2 mile, start gradual reduction of treadmill speed every 100 yards to finish
  • Mile 3 – continue speed reduction to around 11 – 12 minutes/mile
  • Walked for a minute or two to cool down
  • Total miles run – 3
  • Total calories burned – 400


  • Ran during late lunch (1 PM).
  • Treadmill elevation at 0.5 by mistake, corrected to 1.0 halfway through run.
  • Mile 1 – Gradual warmup to about 10 min/mile.
  • Mile 2 – 9 min/mile for first 1/2 mile, 8 min/mile for next 1/4 mile, 7 min 24 sec/mile for 1/4 mile
  • Mile 3 – 7 min 24 sec/mile for 1/4 mile, start gradual slowdown, approx 0.1 mph every 100 yards
  • Mile 4 – continue slowdown until I’m almost down to 10 min/mile then…  at 3.5 mile mark, speed up to 8 minutes/mile… then for last 1/4, accelerate up to 7 min 6 secs/mile
  • Gradual 1/4 mile cooldown starting at 10 min/mile and reducing to a walk
  • Total miles run – 4
  • Total calories burned – 525


  • Note:  6 hrs sleep (stayed up a bit late reading a Joe King novel)
  • Ran during late lunch (1 PM).
  • Treadmill elevation set to 1.5
  • After 3 min. slow warmup, I set the treadmill to 9 min 5 sec/mile and ran 3 miles at that pace
  • 3 min cooldown of slow jogging and walking
  • Total miles run – 3
  • Total calories burned – 425

Other esoterica

  • Light stretching after every run:  calf stretch; quad stretch; calf raises; that sitting stretch where you use your elbows to try to press your knees onto the floor; lunging stretches.
  • A little bit of water at the beginning of the run and the end of the run, but not during the running session.

Closing remarks

  • I like the fact that I can sustain an almost 7 min/mile pace for at least a short period of time but most of the time I seem to average a pace between 9 – 10 min/miles during a shorter training run.
  • Legs do feel tired but not overly so.
  • Thinking that I want to start using a heart rate monitor to get a better idea of how intensely I’m training.
  • Still thinking I need new running shoes but my feet feel good enough when the mileage is 4 miles or less.
  • Thank goodness for podcasts – daytime TV is a bit of a wasteland and news channels… I don’t know how anchors get through the repetition without going mad.
  • The new earbuds don’t fit well in my ear, the left one keeps sliding out.
  • Saturday’s long run should be at least 7 miles, at a pace between 10 and 11 minutes per mile.  The advantage of the treadmill:  easy to set and maintain a pace!

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