Marathon Training – Week 2

Week 2 Report

[Note:  for some background on what this is all about, please check out my initial marathon post]

Week 2 of marathon training started on Jan. 13.

The plan was to run 3 miles on Tuesday, 3 on Wednesday, 3 more on Thursday and then run 7 miles on Saturday.

Well… plans…

I wound up missing my Tuesday run because of a combination of bad weather and bad planning.  So I modified my plan and did the following:

  • 4 miles on Wednesday
  • 4 miles on Thursday
  • 7 miles on Saturday

So technically I should have done 16 miles, but I only did 15.  Unfortunate – for sure – but I’m keeping the following in mind:

  1. It’s still early in the program.
  2. I only missed one mile.
  3. I am capable of doing more miles per week – at my current level of fitness – than are currently in the training schedule.

So I’m not worried about this week’s deviation, but I need to plan more carefully in the future.

All of this week’s running was done on a treadmill.  I wanted to do my long run outside on Saturday, but the weather forecast of -24 °C (-36 °C with windchill!) convinced me to train indoors.  And I’m happy enough with that.

Most of this session was run between 10 – 12 minutes per mile except for one of the last miles, which I ran at 8 minutes per mile.  I need to be careful about doing this, especially during the long runs, which are supposed to be slower and relaxed.  On the other hand, some of the local runners like to train themselves to be able to “kick” (or speed up) during the last 1/4 mile or so of a race, so I’m going to try incorporating this, too.

Misc hydration note:  I drank one bottle of Powerade during the Saturday workout, about 2/3 of it at various points during the 7 mile run and the last third after I stopped running.  It does seem to help with hydration, not sure how it compares to drinking plain water at this time.

My running shoes feel like they are wearing out, especially my left shoe.  I’m not sure how many miles I have on them, but I’d say I’ve run at least 350 miles in them.  So I may be buying new shoes soon.

I run in a pair of ASICS Gel Exalt II running shoes and they’ve worked well so far, much better than the cheap Payless pair that I started running with in May 2014.  So I’m going to stick with the ASICS brand for the time being, maybe try a different model for comparative purposes.

Cross training – I actually did some this week!  I went snow shoeing for 30 minutes today (Sunday).  It had warmed up to about 0C and was fairly pleasant.  The snow wasn’t terribly deep so it was fairly easy going.

That’s it for now.  As time permits, I’m going to post in between weekly updates on various topics.  Cheers!


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